Socialise and Win

How to win something?!

Ensure you have connected your wallet and Discord account in RaggieWorld!


  • XP (no limit)
  • CryptoRaggies NFT (1 winner per day)

The Details

  • Discord
    • Simply chat in 😸|general-meow-chat
    • Every message sent has a chance of winning 69XP
    • On rare occasions, sending a message may win 1000XP!
    • Every message sent will increase Annie's hype meter
    • There are 6 one-hour windows every day during which Annie will reward a random chatter with a free CryptoRaggies NFT if her hype meter exceeds a certain threshold
    • The 6 one-hour windows are random and reset every night at 2359h UTC
    • Annie will not drop the Raggie outside of the 6 one-hour windows
    • Annie will not drop the Raggie if her hype meter has not exceeded threshold
  • RaggieChat
    • Every chat message has a 1% chance of getting 100XP
    • Every action sent to another user has a 10% chance of getting 200XP
    • Every user is limited to sending only 5 actions in each 24-hour window