6 Nov 2023 (Latest)

Version: 1.0.797c53c4

Tonnes of exciting new features in RaggieWorld this update!

DexHunter Integration

Remember our Quick Swap feature where you can easily swap ADA for RAG in RaggieWorld? Well, we've made it even better! Now if you open up Quick Swap (Now renamed "Buy RaggieCoins") and click on the DexHunter button, you'll get to use DexHunter inside RaggieWorld! DexHunter is a DEX aggregator that offers the best rates possible when swapping tokens on Cardano. What's more? If you've connected to RaggieWorld using RaggiePurrse, you can use DexHunter via RaggieWorld with your RaggiePurrse too!

Moggie Spawning Tokens

We have now added Moggie Spawning Tokens to RaggieStore and you can now mint them using $RAG! Each Moggie Spawning Token allows you to spawn the corresponding Moggie once, and the token is valid for 24 hours from the time of minting.

Once your spawning token has been minted on chain, you will see them in your NFT Explorer under "Other Collectibles" (take note - chain sync may take a while and it may not appear until a good few minutes after they've been minted). Once you see your spawning token in NFT Explorer, you can click the </> icon at the top right of the NFT image to copy the spawning code. Then, head over to RaggieChat and enter the command /spawn <paste spawning code> and see your Moggie spawn! Again, the system checks for ownership of the spawning code and this is done on-chain, so occasionally it can take up to a minute after entering the spawn command for your Moggie to actually spawn, so be patient!

The raid system only allows 1 Moggie to be active at any time, so if someone has already spawned a raid, you will not be able to spawn another one. You will receive an error message if you spawn when there's already an active raid. Please wait until any active raid has finished before spawning a new raid, and please actively encourage your fellow Ragsters to participate in your raid to increase chances of success!

Loot Drops

Loot dropped from Moggie Raids will now appear in the "Incoming Requests" tab inside RaggieChat. All LilacChip Fragments you may have received from our trial raids previously will now be displayed there ready for you to collect! This is a system that we have built which can be extended to receive drops outside of RaggieWorld, such as from RaggieRun. This will allow us to drop boss fight loot into your RaggieChat inbox and let you collect them after your game session without having to sign transactions during gameplay!

Crafter's Nook

If you head over to RaggieStore and click the button that says "Wanna Craft Something?" at the bottom right, you'll be taken over to Crafter's Nook. This is our brand new crafting system where you can combine raw materials into new items! The first recipe that's available for all is the LilacChip, which requires 4 LilacChip Fragments to craft. So if you've been accumulating LilacChip Fragments from our trial raids, you can use them here to craft into a full LilacChip!

Under the Hood

There are several other under the hood updates in this big update we've launched today, including:

  • Re-structured the component code for better memory utilisation

  • Fetches live announcement updates from backend

  • Fixed a bug with RaggieChat messages timestamp that can cause users with browser locale set to certain non-English languages to crash

  • Updated Moggie Raid UI to accommodate Strength and Love Meter for Moggies of tiers higher than common

  • Implemented optimistic update and automatic reconnect to RaggieChat messages. This is particularly important for iOS users who frequently get disconnected from RaggieChat when the app runs in the background. With this update RaggieChat will attempt to reconnect if it finds itself disconnected. Optimistic update will show your last sent message with a timestamp "pending" until RaggieChat successfully reconnects and sends the message.

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