11 Sep 2023

Version: 1.0.3ca0038b

Please update your RaggieWorld version by force-refreshing your page. If using Brave, this can be done by holding the Shift key while clicking the Refresh button. If you are on PWA, please wait for the app to fully load first, then close it completely by killing it from your device memory. After that, reload RaggieWorld. This process may need to be repeated several times for your device to bypass local cache and fetch the latest version. Your RaggieWorld version number can be seen at the top right of the wallet connection box, as shown in this picture. Please ensure you are on Version: 1.0.3ca0038b before proceeding to mint from RaggieStore!

This update contains a critical bug fix:

  • RaggieStore now verifies and ensures that your "reported wallet address" is the same as your active wallet address. Many wallets, such as Eternl and Nami, support multiple accounts within the wallet. When a user changes to a different account inside the wallet, this change is not automatically conveyed to dApps via the CIP30 dApp connector. As such, RaggieWorld will have no means of knowing that the user's actual active account has changed, and will still keep the previous account address as the user's address. If the user then mints an item from RaggieStore, RaggieStore will attempt to retrieve UTxOs from the actual current wallet, while still thinking that the previously connected address is the user's address, therefore sending the minted asset and change UTxO to the previous address. This update fixes this issue by checking that the user's address stored by RaggieWorld is the same address as the source of UTxOs for minting transactions. If this criteria is not met (i.e. if a user has switched to a different account inside the wallet), RaggieStore will return an error message and not proceed with the mint.

Again, thank you very much to our community for actively using RaggieWorld and reporting issues. Please continue to report any issues you come across. We value all bug reports and endeavour to do our utmost to fix any issues that make the RaggieWorld experience anything less that joy and pleasure!

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