๐Ÿ˜ปRaggie NFTs

The Original Collection

Each CryptoRaggies NFT is designed based on actual coat colour and pattern of traditional ragdoll cats. They come accompanied by a colourful background, with the possibility of having additional accessories and toys!

What are Raggies?

Raggies are our OG collection of NFTs. They first minted on the Cardano blockchain in September 2021 and all 10,000 Raggies have now been minted. They are only available on secondary markets now.

Raggies provide several benefits to holders. At the most basic level, they are unique original artworks painstakingly created by our talented artist CrafterRaggie. Every Raggie is unique and has immense collector value.

On top of that, every Raggie is also a playable character in our game RaggieRun. Holding a Raggie allows the player to use it as an in-game character and access benefits within the game according to the Raggie's traits. Head over to our Discord server and check out the ๐Ÿงช๏ฝœtrait-benefits channel to understand more about what each trait does in the game!

In essence, Raggies are a mix of collectibles and utility tokens, perfectly blending the best of art and the most sophisticated of utilities!

What's the policy ID?

"CryptoRaggies S1": 9e3d7540365ebda2f15a55b15bda02f2ffe24ed3150a57a226714357

"CryptoRaggies S2": 315c56fec9a9f03963d9ffe645e5efe385d5aee7f66bf6ebc84de3c3

Why are there 2 policy IDs?

In a nutshell, despite having 2 policy IDs, both policies are treated as the same collection within our ecosystem. The "S2" policy was created because we ran out of time to finish minting the collection and the policy reached its timelock deadline. Therefore the "S2" policy was created to mint the remaining 8,000 NFTs. Marketplaces such as jpg.store are unable to combine policies into a single collection. However we do combine them as the same collection in our own marketplace RagAlley, and indeed CNFT Tools is able to combine them to be listed as the same collection too.

Where to buy?

Raggies are now only available on secondary marketplaces. Please note that on all marketplaces that list Raggies as S1 and S2, both "seasons" are in fact the same collection and treated with no difference within our ecosystem.

Rarity Chart

The different traits of our Raggies bring different in-game utility.

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