5 Oct 2023

Version: 1.0.4d930269

What's now?

  • The Push Notification system has received an update to hopefully improve its reliability in registering individual devices to receive push notifications. Please note that if you're on iOS, you need to open RaggieWorld (https://raggie.world/) in Safari, and install it as a Progressive Web App (PWA) in order for Push notifications to have any chance of working. Overall we strongly recommend using RaggieWorld as a PWA and not as a website within wallet dApp browsers. The best experience is to pair RaggieWorld with RaggiePurrse both as PWAs. If you've had issues with Push notifications in the past on any other device (non-iOS), please ensure you're now on the latest version, disable Push notification in RaggieWorld, then re-enable it again.

  • You will now receive 100 XP for making all your Raggies happy! You can receive this XP once every 24 hours. Simply click/tap on the Raggies in RaggieWorld to improve their mood. When they are all showing a green smiley face, they are all happy and you will automatically get your 100 XP for the day! Note that this will only work on the latest version of RaggieWorld.

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