RaggieShrine (Burn and Raffle)

What is this and how it works?

Welcome to RaggieShrine, a sacred place where expired RaggieRun in-game add-ons find new purpose! Step into RaggieShrine and make an offering to Blaze the Raggie Almighty for a chance to win awesome prizes!
RaggieShrine offers you a unique opportunity to bring closure to your Raggie's adventures by burning their expired in-game add-on NFTs. As you make this awe-inspiring offering, the expired token is permanently burnt, symbolizing the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.
But here's where the magic unfolds. For each NFT you burn, you earn an entry into an exhilarating raffle. Brace yourself, for the raffle boasts a collection of alluring prizes, including RaggieRun superpower add-ons with extended validity up to a remarkable 14 days. Imagine the thrill of unlocking an add-on that grants your Raggie even more time to conquer obstacles, battle mighty bosses, and earn bonus points in the game.
So, dear Ragsters, bring your expired add-ons to RaggieShrine and let the flames illuminate your path to incredible rewards and unforgettable adventures. Blaze the Raggie Almighty awaits your offerings, ready to bestow upon you his most benevolent blessings!