What is CryptoRaggies?

Beyond Blockchain Technology, Art and Design


CryptoRaggies is a NFT project built on the Cardano blockchain. Its 100% original and handcrafted art is an homage to the Ragdoll cat breed, and often to crypto and Cardano as well.
CryptoRaggies is a lot of things, but above all else we aim to provide Cardano NFT space with a shining example of what an ecosystem should look like. Every feature we implement is designed to work in harmony with every other aspect of the project. In this way, we are building actual value for the project, instead of riding off empty hype and distant promises. We have a build first way of doing things here!
Aside from looking totally adorbs, all our Raggies have utility and will get more and more utility as the project matures. Right now, our first game RaggieRun is live on PC, Android and iOS - in fact, RaggieRun actually was the very first wallet-enabled game to be live on Cardano, as well as the first CNFT game to be available on the Google Play and Apple App Store!