10 Oct 2023

Version: 1.0.0af5d61d

What's new?

  • User tagging feature has now been implemented! Simply type @ and a list of currently online users will show up. You can continue typing either part of the user's wallet address or adahandle to filter the list. Click/tap on the desired target user to complete the tag! When a user receives a message with them tagged, the tag will show with a highlighted background, making it easier to identify when you have been tagged.

  • Moggie Raid UI has received an update showing the tier of the Moggie spawned. Currently all the Moggies spawned manually by the team are of the "Common" tier. Very soon, you'll be able to mint Moggie Spawning Tokens from RaggieStore and spawn Moggies up to "Legendary" tier!

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