Implementing Soulbound Tokens (SBTs)

Minting SBTs

Provide guidance on how to mint SBTs, including any unique considerations or steps required to make them soulbound.

Whitelisting SBTs

Describe the process of whitelisting SBTs within a user's Soul, including the role of the Soul ID token in this process.

Transferring SBTs

Given that SBTs are soulbound and cannot be transferred, make sure to clarify this point to avoid confusion.

Integration with Web2 Identity

Explain how developers can integrate Souls with web2 identities like Discord accounts. This could also include guidance on using OAuth for user authentication.

Testing and Deployment

Offer advice on testing the implementation of Souls and SBTs, including any specific test cases or scenarios that should be covered. Finally, provide guidance on deploying the application.

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