First Cardano NFT Game With Staking System

What is Staking?

NFT Staking is a process where the owner of a collection of NFTs delegates these NFTs to a protocol, thereby earning rewards.
Similar to ADA staking on Cardano, CryptoRaggies NFT staking works by blockchain snapshot and only requires proof of ownership at the point of staking, and the point of reward distribution. Therefore you remain in full control of your assets despite them being staked.
However, NFT assets that have left your wallet (i.e, sold or listed on a smart contract marketplace) cannot participate in the staking protocol and hence do not yield any passive rewards.
Staked CryptoRaggies NFTs are the backbone of our Free2Play mechanism. All staked CryptoRaggies NFTs will enter into a common pool, allowing players who do not hold any CryptoRaggies NFTs to use them to enjoy our games with no upfront costs. In return, a small fraction of their in-game score will be credited to the actual owner of the CryptoRaggies NFT used in the game session, increasing the owner's leaderboard standing and XP.
Each staked Raggie - whether being picked in a game session or not - will attract a background passive yield for the owner.

Can I play with my Raggies while they are staked

Absolutely! We run an off-chain staking protocol so your Raggies are never locked inside a smart contract when staked. The mechanism is very similar to delegating your ADA to a stakepool - your ADA remains in your wallet and you can use them as you please, and staked Raggies are exactly the same!

Do I earn XP or $RAG from staking?

You earn both! While passive $RAG earning is guaranteed and follows the distribution as set out by our 2-year vesting schedule, you earn XP only when your staked Raggie has been picked by a F2P player in a game session. You can see and manage both earnings on this page. Passive $RAG yield can be harvested from the "Staking Rewards" panel, while XP earned from F2P players is displayed under "XP From Staking" in the "XP Summary" panel.

How often is passive $RAG earning updated?

We update records of all staked wallets and tally earnings of each wallet every hour. These updates are done using live blockchain snapshots, therefore once you have staked, there is no need to stake again as records will be updated automatically.

How often can I harvest my accumulated $RAG?

You can harvest as often as you like but do note that each harvest transaction requires you to send a 2 ADA payment upfront. The $RAG harvested will return with around 1.2 ADA therefore each harvest transaction would cost you around 0.8 ADA including fees.