🤝Partnership & Collabs

Building Together

We are passionate about blockchain technology, and even more so about the Cardano blockchain. We see immense potential for Cardano to grow to become the world's leading blockchain with its focus on strong fundamentals, scientific research backed by countless peer-reviewed publications, and repeatedly tested and proven real world utility and resilience. We share Cardano's emphasis on correctness, and sense of community.

It is with this conviction that we set off to build bridges between communities, sharing our knowledge and expertise in project development, be it general utility such as Discord bots, or specialised web3 development such as frontend Cardano wallet connection, Cardano multisignature transactions, or even game development. Here are some of the friends we have made since we started off this journey!

Official Partner

As a long term project, we strongly believe in the power of real, lasting collaborations which bring value to all of the Cardano community. Therefore we have strategically decided on projects to partner with in order to build these connections and create mutual value that benefits the CNFT space in general.

BlockOwls is a community-driven 3D animated story built on Cardano. The project is the brainchild of Kent, a professional animator who single-handedly created a full range of 52 different BlockOwls for the initial launch of the project.

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