Moggie Raids (In-Chat Game)

Rally your fellow Ragsters, join forces and complete Moggie Raids in RaggieChat to receive XP and rare crafting materials!

What are Moggie Raids?

Moggie Raids are in-chat mini games with the objective of defeating a Moggie or showering them with all the love you could muster! You can participate in a Moggie Raid simply by logging in to RaggieChat when one is in progress, and clicking/tapping on the correct action button to either attack or love the Moggie.

The raid ends either when the Moggie's Strength Bar is empty, or the Moggie's Love Meter is full, or the raid countdown has expired.

The the raid is successful, all participants will receive a share of the XP pot and the user who spawned the Moggie will stand a chance to receive a crafting material!

What are Moggie Spawning Tokens?

Moggie Spawning Tokens are special NFTs that can be minted from RaggieStore. Each Moggie Spawning Token is valid for use within 24 hours from the time of minting and allows the holder to spawn the corresponding Moggie inside RaggieChat to launch a raid.

Moggie Spawning Tokens come in 4 tiers, spawning Moggies with different stats and rewards:

  1. Common tier:

    • HP: 200

    • Duration: 10 minutes

    • XP Pool: 100,000

    • Chance of Material Drop: 10%

  2. Uncommon tier:

    • HP: 350

    • Duration: 20 minutes

    • XP Pool: 175,000

    • Chance of Material Drop: 20%

  3. Elite tier:

    • HP: 500

    • Duration: 30 minutes

    • XP Pool: 300,000

    • Chance of Material Drop: 40%

  4. Legendary tier:

    • HP: 800

    • Duration: 60 minutes

    • XP Pool: 500,000

    • Chance of Material Drop: 80%

How to use Moggie Spawning Tokens?

Each Moggie Spawning Token comes with a unique spawning code which is displayed in its metadata. In order to use it, simply find the token in your NFT Explorer and click the </> icon to copy its unique spawning code.

Once you have copied the spawning code, head back to RaggieChat and in the chat box, enter /spawn [paste spawning code here] (omitting the square brackets)

Please note that you must be connected to RaggieWorld with the wallet that holds that specific Moggie Spawning Token, and if the token has been used once it will no longer work.

What can I do with used Moggie Spawning Tokens?

Used Moggie Spawning Tokens can be burnt in RaggieShrine like our RaggieRun in-game add-ons. Each item burnt, including Moggie Spawning Tokens, will grant you an entry to our RaggieShrine Raffle which is one of the very few ways to obtain LilacChips!

What are Materials?

The materials dropped from Moggie Raids are used in crafting. The first material we are introducing is the LilacChip Fragment, which can be combined in Crafter's Nook into a full LilacChip!

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