Login (Desktop)

Before you can enter RaggieWorld, you will need to Login.
Click on the LOGIN button and a menu will pop-up.
You will see a list of popular Cardano wallets to choose from. Our system will detect the wallet available for you to use automatically. For example, if you have a Nami extension in your browser, Nami button will be selectable.

Basic Components

  • Version number
    From time to time, we will update RaggieWorld. When there is a patch or update, we will announce it on Discord or X (Twitter). If you version number doesn't match the one in our latest version announcement, click on DISCONNECT WALLET at least 2 times for refresh the version. If you are still on the old version, we suggest clearing your Browser cache or reinstall the PWA.
  • Profile Pic
    If you have a CryptoRaggies NFT in your wallet, you can use it as your profile picture. If you hold 10,000 $RAG or more, you will be able to select NFTs from other projects that are inside your wallet.
  • Account Details
    Once you have connected your wallet and Discord to RaggieWorld, your account details should look similar to the example below.
    • First Line - Discord Handle
    • Second Line - Wallet Address
    • Third Line - Stake Address
    • Fourth Line - ADA Handle