How to start an On-Chain Auction?

Simply follow these steps below:

  1. Connect your wallet and wait for your NFTs to load. We support all major Cardano wallets, including our own RaggiePurrse on desktop. However if you are on mobile, we only support RaggiePurrse and Flint.

  2. Scroll to the item that you want to list, or use the search bar at the top of the page to find it, then click the AUCTION NFT button. A dialogue box will appear.

  3. Select the base currency for your auction. We support listings in ADA, $RAG and a range of native tokens from our friends in the CNFT space. Enter the Starting Bid, Bid Increment, Auction Start and End Times. Take note that your starting bid also acts as a reserve price so do not enter a price as starting bid which you will not be willing to accept.

  4. Double check your entered data to ensure it is exactly how you want to run your auction, then read the notice at the bottom to ensure you understand the fees involved.

  5. Click the AUCTION NOW button, and sign the transaction in your wallet.

More about Auctions:

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