💟Vision & Values

Being real blockchain enthusiasts and Cardano fans ourselves, we added a touch of blockchain culture to our artwork, and used them to pay tribute to the diversity of our community as well!

We have a long term vision for CryptoRaggies and CNFT in general. At the core, we believe in fully harnessing the technological powers of NFTs which is a technology that goes far beyond just art.

Our stand is that art is merely one aspect where NFT technology can be applied to, but it is by no means all there is to NFTs. Therefore, throughout the life of this project we have, and will continue to, explore ways to expand the usecases of blockchain and NFT technology in a decentralised future.

We are Visionaries We are Trailblazers We are CryptoRaggies

We uphold a set of core values that align very closely with the Cardano ethos.

  • "Measure twice, cut once"

    We firmly believe that great things take time to build. We value correctness, and when we do something, we ensure that we do it right and we do not mind if this means we take longer than expected. Because this means that when we launch something, we are sure to launch it right.

  • "Build, and they will come"

    We do not believe in empty hype. We like the slow organic growth that our project is getting, building up a core community who share our vision and values, and will reap the benefits of the long game with us as we grow together.

  • "Build together, grow together"

    We value community - not just our own community, but the entire Cardano community as well. We are constantly interacting with other projects and communities, finding ways to build bridges, help each other and grow together. Building together is the only sustainable way to grow the ecosystem.

  • "Open communication and results speak for themselves"

    We are always transparent about what we do. We constantly share our progress with our community and there is no short of developer/team member presence in our social media channels and Discord community. We are always welcoming direct feedback from the community as well, because this project is built for the community.

    Some may criticise our lack of a roadmap, but we staunchly oppose a cookie-cutter approach at evaluating the merits of a project.

    Results speak for themselves - we have a track record of delivering, and this is more important than endless lists of unsustainably grand promises.

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