26 Aug 2023

Version: 1.0.2ef90472


  • Added lazy loading to NFT explorer, stash trade and gift modals so for larger wallets with lots of NFTs, the networking strain is reduced.

  • NFT explorer now shows both "Special Raggies" and "Collectibled" under the same tab. The last tab "Other Collectibles" now shows all other non-Raggie NFTs. This will only show if the connected wallet has 10k $RAG or more.

  • For users with 10k $RAG or more, you can now select non-Raggie NFTs to be used as PFP or set them as display pics on your RaggieWorld frames!

  • Moggies have now been added to RaggieStore! Minting is time-locked to begin on 8th Sep 2023 and close on 30th Sep 2023.

  • Arweave support has now been added (for the minority of NFTs hosted their images on arweave instead of IPFS)

  • More non-standard NFT metadata formats for image specification are now supported.

  • When a transaction has been built using RaggiePurrse, the Status Update modal now prompts the user clearly to sign the transaction in RaggiePurrse.

Known issues

  • If holding 10k $RAG or more and the "Other Collectibles" tab does not load, you will need to disconnect your wallet and connect again by choosing the "Disconnect" button from the wallet connection modal. You are only required to do this once.

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