Special Edition Raggies

Special Edition CryptoRaggies NFTs
Here is a showcase of all our special edition Raggies minted so far!
These are Raggies that we created in collaboration with other projects, and sometimes created for special events. Some of them, like the Festive Raggie and the Useless Raggie, have no planned utility, but were created as pure collectibles. Others, such as the CryptoRaggies × BlockOwls Collaborative NFTs, come with a minting discount for holders wanting to mint our main collection CryptoRaggies NFTs.
Wanna collab and create a special edition NFTs with us? Talk to us on Twitter or in our Discord!

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CryptoRaggies × BlockOwls

Non Fungible + Utility
These unique NFTs were individually created and minted for the weekly champions of our RaggieRun BlockOwls Collaboration Leaderboard since the very beginning of our long term collaboration with BlockOwls. Holders of these NFTs get to enjoy the privilege of minting our Raggies at the lowest price tier for as long as our mint goes on.

The Useless Raggie

Fungible + Collectible
Useless Raggie can't run, Useless Raggie has absolutely NO utility! But Useless Raggie is a piece of history, being one of the very first NFTs on Cardano to be minted with a native token using super fast, super cheap and super secure multisignature transactions! What's more? Useless Raggie is cute as heck!

Festive Raggie

Xmas 2021
Xmas 2022
Fungible/Non Fungible + Collectible
The Festive Raggie launched just before Christmas 2021 is a special one. The mint was open for a 24hr period and a total of 83 were minted. What makes these so special is the fact that they can be minted using our native token $RAG! The Festive Raggie (2021) is a fungible token, and has no utility planned for it. It was created as a pure collectible.
In 2022, we launched the second edition of our Xmas Festive Raggie, which was minted through RaggieStore and as a non-fungible collection.

Anniversary Raggie (Annie)

1st Anniversary 2022
2nd Anniversary 2023
Non Fungible + Collectible
The Annie2022 NFT collection was minted during September 2022 when we celebrated our 1st Anniversary. The Annie collection was minted through RaggieStore with $RAG, and all the Annie NFTs minted this way were static images.
In 2022, as part of our 1st Anniversary celebration, one wallet that minted the Annie NFT was chosen at random and the Annie minted got transformed into an animated version.
In 2023, we held several community events and the some of the winners of these events received an animated Annie airdropped to them.

Pride Raggie

Pride 2022
Pride 2023
Non Fungible + Collectible
There is only 1 of each edition of the Pride Raggie in existence. These NFTs were created as part of the Cardano Pride event organised by the PRIDE stake pool which we have been taking part in since 2022!

Bloody Raggie

Fungible + Utility
This is the first fungible Raggie we created. There is a total supply of 10 of them, all created for a collaboration we had with BlockchainGames who created a mobile game where players can fight monsters and mint them as NFTs if they win. The Bloody Raggie fight was a real challenge, and winners were rewarded with the opportunity to mint this Raggie for themselves! The Bloody Raggie was derived from fan art created by one of our community members, featuring a Nakie - arguably the most (in)famous one in our Raggieverse - Lactose Intolerant! Holders of the Bloody Raggie also enjoy the privilege of minting our Raggies at the lowest price tier of 18ADA until we sell out.


Non Fungible + Collectible
As detailed in our RaggieCoin tokenomics, we have supplied 40% of the total supply of $RAG to SundaeSwap as soon as the DEX launched on Cardano Mainnet. We launched a liquidity airdrop event to reward our early supporters for helping us build our initial liquidity pool. As a result, the SundaeRaggie was born. SundaeRaggie was minted en-masse as NFTs with unique IDs. A total of 51 SundaeRaggies have been minted and airdropped to our early liquidity providers.


Non Fungible + Collectible
MinRaggies are comemmorative NFTs created to celebrate the establishment of our LP on Minswap and the beginning of our $RAG/ADA token farm on the DEX. All liquidity providers on our previously announced snapshot date were airdropped a MinRaggie.


Non Fungible + Utility
The VasilRaggie was created to commemorate the Vasil Hard Fork Combinator event on Cardano. These are non-fungible tokens and are available to mint on RaggieStore through June, the month during which the Vasil HFC is planned to be released on testnet and mainnet sequentially. Each VasilRaggie also pays tribute to Vasil Dabov, Cardano Ambassador and experienced ginkgologist. Holders of VasilRaggie NFTs are automatically entered into our community raffles to win whitelist spots and exclusive prizes.

CryptoRaggies ft. Veggiemates

Non Fungible + Utility
This is a special Raggie NFT created as a prize for a community contest we ran during the 2nd Veggiemates Farmers Market event. The winner came up with the ideas that went into the creation of this NFT, and their handle was baked right into the metadata, along with the ultimate utility of a permanent discount entitlement in all our Raggie mints.

Cardano Keys Collaboration

Non Fungible + Utility
This is our second collaborative NFT exclusive to delegators to the CKEYS (CardanoKeys) stakepool. CardanoKeys launched the Token4Pool initiative where artists and projects were invited to create an exclusive NFT for their delegators. Every time the stakepool mints a block, a script is run to randomly select a delegator who will receive the special NFT created by one of the projects (also randomly selected). This 1/1 Raggie was created for the first winner picked to win an NFT from us. Aside from looking extremely cool, the holder of this NFT is also able to mint our NFTs at the lowest price tier until our main mint is over!

CryptoRaggies × DreamSpace

Non Fungible + Utility
This is a special collaboration with Dream Space, a charitable event hosted by Shook Boyz with the aim of raising awareness to mental health and suicide prevention. This Raggie formed part of the auction sales and was won by a bidder. 50% of the proceeds of this sale went to a charitable fund managed by Shook Boyz, while the other 50% was sent to our dev team. This was kept in a wallet separate from the main dev wallet which will be added on to our charity fund when our main mint is over. The first holder of this NFT is eligible to claim a physical merch from us - as our merch store plans have not been fulfilled yet, this will be embargoed but the first owner always retains this privilege. All holders, including the first owner and subsequent owners of this NFT will be able to mint our NFTs at a discount.

CryptoRaggies × Sjaak

Non Fungible + Utility
This is CryptoRaggies X Sjaak NFT, a special bespoke NFT created for one of our community members for winning at a community event. This is also the first ever bespoke Raggie, created in close collaboration with the winning member, showcasing their actual dog, Sjaak, in the NFT! We took inspirations from several photos of Sjaak sent to us, and chose to feature the bowtie on our Raggie because Sjaak also has one, and of course, a tennis ball is ideal for fetch which both Sjaak and Raggie can enjoy! It is unlikely that this NFT will appear on the secondary market, but the holder of this NFT enjoys a minting discount on our main NFT mint as well, able to mint at the lowest price tier until we sell out