Plushie NFTs

Plushies are tokens that grant their holders VIP membership within the CryptoRaggies ecosystem!
Plushies come with great benefits. All Plushie holders get $RAG airdropped fortnightly, and one random Plushie holder gets airdropped a Raggie as well! Furthermore, the Plushies provide OP superpowers in RaggieRun. Other benefits are always being rolled out - think of early access to mints, playtesting new elements, breeding benefits, etc.
They are very limited in supply: there are 50 each of the bull, bear, monkey and whale Plushies. These are sold out, and thus only available on the aftermarkets. Even more exclusive (and elusive!) are the hydra and ape Plushies. Only ten of each exist, and they can only be won or earned through special events. Keep an eye out for when an opportunity to get your hands on one arises!
Holders of a Plushie who verify with us will gain the a unique Discord role! Log into RaggieWorld with your wallet containing your Plushie(s) and link your Discord account to claim your role.

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