RaggieStore (Buy & Mint)

The official RaggieStore a.k.a "Game Shop"!

What is RaggieStore?

In RaggieStore, you can mint collectibles using the official CryptoRaggies currency, RaggieCoins ($RAG). Some special items will require our rare token, LilacChip!
RaggieStore is also your one-stop shop for all things RaggieRun! Here, you can embark on an exciting shopping spree and enhance your gameplay experience like never before. RaggieStore is the game shop where you can use your beloved $RAG tokens to purchase amazing in-game add-ons that are minted as unique NFTs.
With these add-ons, your Raggie can unleash powerful superpowers and overcome obstacles in RaggieRun. Imagine your Raggie soaring through the sky with laser eyes, shooting powerful lasers to clear paths, or using a rocket launcher to fight fearsome bosses! Each superpower is accompanied by stunning visual effects and brings a whole new level of excitement to the game.