27 Aug 2023

Version: 1.0.31956873


  • Moggie raids will now close after the moggie has been defeated

  • New image for Ape Smash attack in Moggie raids

  • A third Moggie raid boss, Ballsy the Moggie, has now been added! This is a special raid which lasts 30min and will take lots of effort to defeat! You can spam the attacks for now, but when RaggieWorld goes live there will be an attack cap per wallet and it'll be significantly harder to defeat these Moggies. Ballsy is added as part of anniversary celebrations and he gives enhanced XP rewards and also leaks a random word from our seed phrase hunt after being defeated!!

  • There is now a limit of 5 actions sent per 24hr period to other users in RaggieChat. Sending an action has a 10% chance of gaining 200 XP

  • There is now also a 1% chance of gaining 100 XP by chatting in RaggieChat

  • RaggieChat should no longer scroll to bottom when new messages arrive if user has scrolled up to read older messages.

  • The Clowder (user list) in RaggieChat now shows placeholder PFP for users who have not chosen a custom PFP.

Please ensure you're on the latest version to try out all these new features! P.S. There's a Ballsy raid going on at the moment and it won't appear unless you're on the latest version!

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