Login on iOS Safari

RaggieWorld iOS Safari Login Guide

Optional - Clearing of Safari History and Data. Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data**

** Warning, all cached data and history in your Safari will be erased, and website that has been logged in will be logged out.

To access RaggieWorld iOS Safari, you will require RaggiePurrse (Cardano Wallet). Please read the following instructions in this guide closely.

You be doing the following here:

  1. Logging in using RaggiePurrse

Please follow the instruction and take your time to set it up.

  • Press on Login

  • Select RaggiePurrse

  • There will be a pop-up message. Press Allow.

    • If there is no pop-up message, it means you have not disabled Block Pop-up in Safari Settings.

  • RaggiePurrse webpage will load in a new Tab. You can choose to restore or create a wallet.

  • Once done, a notification will pop-up. Press Authorise.

  • Next, go back to the RaggieWorld Tab

  • You will see a pop-up message about your wallet and connection to RaggieWorld.

  • Press OK and you will be connected to RaggieWorld!

  • Note: If nothing happens or you did not get the popup message, Press Disconnect Wallet and then, Press RaggiePurrse again.

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