๐Ÿ“ˆTokenomics - $RAG

All about RaggieCoins and its use case

About $RAG - RaggieCoins will be used in every aspect of our project-ecosystem .

$RAG Cycle - Circular Economy Model

How to get RaggieCoins $RAG?

Where to use $RAG?

  • Visit RaggieStore (A.K.A Game Shop) to purchase in-game upgrades for you Raggie in RaggieRun

  • Mint special collectibles from RaggieStore

  • Buy and bid on NFTs listed on RagAlley (Official Marketplace and Auction House)

  • Rehome Raggies from the Raggie Rehoming Centre

  • Pay tuition fees in Ragsters University (to be announced)

  • Supply liquidity to Minswap and/or Wingriders to participate in yield farming


  • 02 October 2021 - Launched $RAG - the first NFT Gaming Native Token on Cardano

  • 23 Dec 2021, we made a significant breakthrough in giving $RAG real utility. We managed to build a payment system which accepts a combination of $RAG+ADA for minting our special 2021 Christmas Edition Festive Raggie NFT.

  • 23rd May 2022, we have supplied 10m $RAG liquidity paired with ADA to establish an official pool on Minswap

  • 24th October 2022, we finally got our own farm live on a mainstream DEX on Cardano! We managed to launch a triple token yield Mouse Farm on Minswap where our liquidity providers can stake their LP tokens to earn $RAG, $MIN and ADA!

  • 11th December 2022, we officially launched our second farm on a mainstream DEX on Cardano! Our RAG/ADA farm is now live on Wingriders! This farm is the result of close discussion between both projects, with an aim at providing equitable value to our holders through an attractive yet sustainable APR. If you're new to DeFi, watch the tutorial in this thread from Wingriders to learn more about how to maximise your yield through farming!

Future Plans

  • When our breeding system is implemented, RaggieCoins will be required to apply for a breederโ€™s licence, and every breeding transaction thereafter will require RaggieCoins. It shall be noted at this point, that applying for a breeder's licence will require a large amount of RaggieCoins (by today's standards at least) and holding multiple (at least FIVE) Raggies.

  • After the launch of our Soul and Soulbound Token tech, RaggieCoins will gain an additional use case which is undisclosed at the moment!

  • In the final phase of the evolution of our project, many of our game, breeding and payout parameters will be decided by community. RaggieCoins, at that point, will also function as a governance token to decide an individualโ€™s voting power.

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