RaggiePurrse - Wallet

View and interact with your assets wherever you are, on mobile or desktop!

What is RaggiePurrse?

RaggiePurrse is a CryptoRaggies ecosystem light wallet which enables users to view and interact with their assets wherever they are, on mobile or desktop! It is created as a Progressive Web App so users can easily install it onto their phones and use it like a native mobile app!
RaggiePurrse is not a browser extension and so does not follow the CIP-30 dApp connector standard. However when creating RaggiePurrse we have made its core API very similar to the CIP-30 standard so it can be easily adapted for use by other ecosystems in the future. By running as a web app and not a browser extension, we can make RaggiePurrse communicate with all parts of our ecosystem requiring a dApp connector regardless of device used.

Why RaggiePurrse?

In-wallet dApp browsers are great, but not perfect for what we need. There are several problems with that system and the main problem we see is that dApp browsers require every dApp to be a website. This makes them unable to connect to parts of our ecosystem that are not websites, such as RaggieRun Mobile, which is a native mobile app on iOS and Android.
With RaggiePurrse we can continue to offer our users access to our full ecosystem wherever they are, whichever device they use, and this includes staking and unstaking Raggies, harvesting $RAG earned from staking, converting in-game XP into $RAG, minting RaggieRun add-ons in RaggieStore, burning expired add-ons in ⁠RaggieShrine, rehoming Raggies in Raggie Rehoming Centre, etc - all at no additional cost at all!
What's more? With your RaggiePurrse connected to RaggieWorld, you will now be able to make use of our "Quick Swap" feature to buy $RAG from DEXes on the go, right from within our RaggieWorld app even while using your phone!

Are you trying to build an exclusive closed ecosystem?

Straight answer is no. Quite the contrary, we welcome projects wanting to work and build together. However a lot of what we do involve a running cost. Blockchain queries and loading metadata from assets require API calls to third party paid services (we are using Blockfrost) and this can quickly add up if we become too inclusive too quickly. Therefore we have only included support for Raggie ecosystem assets and assets from our partner projects such as BlockOwls and Derp Birds as the default option. Users can choose to unlock the ability to interact with all their other assets within RaggiePurrse by holding 10,000 $RAG.

How do I set up a RaggiePurrse?

Visit our RaggiePurrse site to get started! When loaded for the first time, you'll get the option to either create a brand new wallet or to restore one. RaggiePurrse is compatible with any 24-word Cardano wallet seed phrase so if you have an existing wallet which you want to restore into RaggiePurrse, you can easily do so. However for best experience, we recommend creating a new wallet in RaggiePurrse.

What kind of wallet is RaggiePurrse?

RaggiePurrse is a non-custodial (self-custodial) software light wallet. This means that you own the private keys to your wallet and we do not keep your keys. The wallet creation and restoration process is done offline so sensitive data is not transmitted outside of your local environment. Once keys are generated, they are immediately encrypted and stored on your device. This is standard practice of all software wallets so you must be mindful when downloading executable files onto your device in case they launch a malicious attack to extract encrypted keys from you and crack them by brute force.

Why is it showing only some of my assets?

There can be various reasons to this. First, RaggiePurrse is currently primarily a CryptoRaggies ecosystem light wallet. By default, RaggiePurrse displays only assets that are part of our ecosystem and also assets belonging to our partner projects such as BlockOwls and Derp Birds. Assets from other projects will not be shown on the interface, but they are not lost. They still exist on chain in your wallet.
Furthermore, RaggiePurrse is also a mandatory single address wallet. The wallet address used by RaggiePurrse is always the first address of the first account belonging to the root key derived from your seed phrase. In other words, if you have restored a seed phrase from Nami, only the first account in Nami's list will be compatible with RaggiePurrse. All other accounts will not be shown.
If, however, you have restored a seed phrase from Eternl or Yoroi, then it is likely that you have at least some of your assets kept in a range of different wallet addresses all belonging to the same account derived from your seed phrase. Again, because RaggiePurrse only shows contents of the first wallet address of the first account, you will not be able to see or interact with assets that are kept in different wallet addresses.
It is because of these reasons we advise creating a new wallet from scratch to use in RaggiePurrse. However if you are using a 1st account wallet and always using it in single address mode (either by default in Nami, or manually toggled this to be switched on in Eternl) then restoring your seed phrase into RaggiePurrse should work perfectly without missing any of your assets.

I tried using RaggiePurrse to rehome a Raggie/log in to RaggieRun/mint a superpower add-on... But it doesn't work?

RaggiePurrse needs to be connected to our servers as does the frontend page in order for this communication link to work. We have added an Online/Offline indicator at the top bar on all our web pages, and natively within RaggiePurrse. This must show Online on both sides in order for RaggiePurrse to be able to communicate with the webpage to create and sign transactions.

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